Short notes on the Political History of Gupta dynasty


In the Gupta records the first three Kings are mentioned as “Maharaja Srigupta”, Maharaja Srighatotkacha” and “Maharajadhiraja” Sri Chandragupta. The fact that third ruler is given higher title of “Maharajadhiraja” where as predecessors are styled as simply “Maharajas”.

This cannot be ignored and be regarded as insignificant. The title of “Maharajadhiraja” clearly indicate that Chandragupta-I was more powerful ruler and he extended his ancestral kingdom

The first ruler of the dynasty was Srigupta (who ruled from 240 to 280 A.D.) who ruled over a petty kingdom though he had assumed the tide of “Maharaja”. He was succeeded by his son Ghatotkachagupta (who ruled from 280 A.D. to 320 A.D.).


He had also assumed the title of “Maharaja”. But these two rulers made no significant contribution towards the extension of the empire. The foundation of the greatness of this dynasty was laid by its third ruler, Chandragupta-I.

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