Third ruler Chandra gupta-I was the successor and son of “Maharaja” Ghatotkacha gupta (who ruled from 320 A.D. to 335 A.D ). He was the first sovereign ruler of this dynasty who assumed the title of “Maharajadhiraja”. During his brief rule he succeeded in raising the power and prestige of his dynasty.

His marriage with ‘Kumaradevi’, a Lichchhavi princess helped him in amassing great political gains by adding Lichchhavi principality to Magadha and thereby enhancing the power and prestige of the guptas.

Chandragupta -I was able to extend his dominion over Awadh as well as Magadha and along the Ganges as far as Prayaga or Allahabad. Thus probably Chandragupta’s empire included a part of Bengal, Bihar and Uttar-Pradesh as far as Allahabad.

Chandragupta-I is said to have also started a new era from 319 or 320 A.D. (Probably December or February). It is not clear from any records that he started this era, which came to be known as “Gupta Sambat” or “Gupta Era”, but since Chandragupta-I is indicated as a “Maharajadhiraj” he is credited with the founding of the era.


Nothing is known about the death of Chandragupta-I. Probably, after placing Samudragupta on the throne he became hermit and died as such.