When one man marries one woman at a time it is known as monogamy. It is an’ and the most widespread marriage in the human society. It is well associated with the M of mankind. Westermarck has rightly remarked that monogamy is as old as humanity. Al all the type of societies recognises this form of marriage. This marriage maintains the sex i.e 1:1.

This monogamy is of two types, they are:

(i) Strait life Monogamy:

It is a marriage between two opposite sexes at a time. Here the possibility of remarriage by either of the couple does not arise. In other words during the life time of the husband! Wives neither marry another man nor does he marry another woman while his wife is alive.


(ii) Serial monogamy:

It refers to that practice of monogamy where the possibilities of remarriage exist. Divorce or death of a partner permits the other partner to marry again.

In the modern days monogamy is emphasized throughout the world. It is considered the best form of marriage because of its advantages.

Firstly, it upholds the gender equality because in this form of marriage woman enjoys equal status, with man.


Secondly, monogamy is a suitable form of marriage to all types of society and all levels of people.

Thirdly, it promotes better understanding between the spouses. It develops love and affection between them. It provides a wide scope for mutual co-operation.

Fourthly, due to love, affection, care, fellow feeling between husband and wife the peace and happiness are not disturbed by jealousy heartedness and conflict. Consequently, monogamy contributes to stable family and sex life.

Fifthly, better husband and wife relation and understanding creates conductive environment for the proper socialization of the children. Parents generally give proper attention to their off springs. Therefore, under the monogamous system the young children are properly looked after.


Apart from the advantages, the only disadvantage of monogamy is divorce which is rarely resulted due to monogamous boredom. However, this disadvantage is submerged under its advantages. That probable the reason for which Malinowski remarked, “Monogamy is, has been, and will remain the only true type of marriage”.