On the basis of marriage, Sociologists have classified family into the following types:-

i) Monogamous Family:

This type of family consists of one husband one wife. In other words, a single husband and a single wife living together form a monogamous family. Under this family system, neither husband nor wife can have more than one life partner at a time. Similarly they are not allowed any extramarital relations. Therefore now-a-days this type of family is regarded as the ideal form of family.

ii) Polygynous family:


When a man marries more than one wives and lives along with their children the family is known as polygynous family. This type of family is found among the Muslims and in many tribes of America, Africa, Asia and Australia.

iii) Polyandrous Family:

It is a kind of family, which allows a woman to marry more than one man. The woman lives with her husband’s and is shared by them or she lives with each of them by turns. This type of family is seen among the Tibetans, North Indian Tribes, the Singhalese and the Munda Tribes.

iv) Endogamous and Exogamous Family:


The rules of endogamy and endogamy are strictly followed while selecting life partner. The rules of endogamy demands marriage outside the group. As such, the family which follows the rules of endogamy is known as endogamous family.

On the other hand, an exogamous family is the opposite of endogamous family. In other words, in exogamous family a person is required to select his life partner from outside his/her own group. Thus, the exogamous family is composed of husband and wife of two different groups. Thus, the family which adheres to the rules of exogamy is known as exogamous family.