Brief note on Ibrahim Lodi the son of Sikander Lodi


Sikander Lodi was succeeded by his son, Ibrahim Lodi, in A.D. 1517, who was the last Sultan to sit on the throne of Delhi. He was very harsh and cruel and thus was not popular amongst his own men and relatives. He set in a reign of terror. Because of his harsh treatment, his relatives and nobles turned into his worst enemies. Darya Khan and Daulat Khan, his relatives turned against him and asserted their independence in Bihar and Punjab respectively. It was under these circumstances that Daulat Khan invited Babur to invade India in A.D. 1526. In the First Battle Panipat That was fought between Babur and Ibrahim Lodi, the Lodi monarch was defeated and killed. This was “the final collapse of the decadent Delhi Sultanate. Babur now marched towards Delhi and established the new dynasty of the Great Mughals about whom we shall study in the later chapters.


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