Important Events and Effects of The First Battle of Panipat


In November, 1525 Babur attacked India with 12,000 soldiers. When he reached at Peshawar he got the news that Daulat Khan Lodi had changes the side. He had collected an Army of 30,000- 40,000 soldiers and outed the Amirs of Babur from Sailkut and reached upto Lahore.

Therefore, first of all Babur paid his heed towards Daulat Khan Lodi. At Babur’s approach, the Army of Daulat Khan Lodi melted away. Daulat Khan Lodi surrendered and was pardoned. Thus within three weeks of crossing the Indus, Babur became the Master of the Punjab.

On 20th April, 1526 Babur reached the famous historical field of Panipat alongwith his army with a view to conquer India. Ibrahim Lodi met Babur at Panipat with a force estimated at 1000,000 men and 1000 elephants. Since the Indian Armies generally contained large hordes of servants, the fighting men on Ibrahim Lodi’s side must have been farless than this figure. Babur had crossed the Indus with a force of 12,000 but this had been swelled by his army in India, and the large number of Hidustani Nobles and soldiers who joined Babur in the Punjab.


Even then, Babur’s Army was numerically inferior. In the morning of 21st April, 1526, they fought a pitched battle. Babur, with the tactical use of Tuluguma Encircled Ibrahim Lodi’s army, and his artillery rained a hell of fire and shots on it. The Lodi Army was totally destroyed. Babur himself wrote, “By the grace and mercy of Almighty (God), the mighty army of Delhi as laid in the dust in the course of half a day”. After half a day of battle Babur came out victorious. Ibrahim Lodi lost his life alongwith his 15,000 soldiers in the Battle of Panipat.

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