Dear Sir,

Will you kindly publish the following in some suitable column of your esteemed daily?

Street-begging has become a nuisance in every city and town of our country. The beggars haunt you wherever you go. At the railway stations, bus stands, outside religious places and practically at all public places, you will find lots of them. Some of them are handicapped. Others feign to be so. Some are quite hale and hearty. Some sing hymns or film songs. Others just beg. But all of them are obstinate and never leave their victims till they get something in money or kind. They include men, women and children. There are even some thieves and pick-pockets in the garb of beggars. Most of them are very dirty and spread diseases wherever they go.

Begging is a slur on the face of society. It must be banned. The government should build “Night shelters” for the poor whose activities must be observed closely.


Yours Faithfully,