Dear Sir,

Copying in examinations has assumed alarming proportions. The educationists seem to be helpless before this growing monster. Previously, the habit of copying was scattered and it was considered very shameful. Rarely, was a student found copying. But now it has become almost universal, mass copying has reduced the examination system to a farce.

The teachers and parents should join hands to overcome this nuisance. Only then can it be checked. It should be brought home to the students as well as their parents that the habit of copying only hampers the growth of human mind.

It leads to inferiority complex and spreads all round inefficiency and corruption. It is an immoral act and must be checked with an iron hand. It is good that some states have made copying a cognizable offence. Others should follow suit. The law must be enforced sternly. The students must take a vow never to indulge in copying.


Thanking you,