I shall feel grateful to you if you please publish the following few lines in the columns of your esteemed daily against the evils of street begging:

“It is a matter of shame that even after many years of independence our roads and streets are still infested with beggars. One cannot escape their pleadings for alms. They seem to be omnipresent. It is a great nuisance to have beggars around you at the bus stops, railway station, market- compound and religious places. Even when one tries to avoid them, it is difficult to get out of their clutches.

Sometimes these beggars embarrass you and you have to part with some coins even against your will. If these beggars happen to spot some foreigners, they would not leave them until they force them to give them alms. What impression of our country these foreigners will take back.”


Some of the beggars appear to be quite healthy and stout. It. seems they have found begging to the most convenient method of earning money. I feel that Government must ban begging and haul the beggars. The healthy beggars should be force to work for their livelihood. If the eminence of begging is not checked immediately, it will turn out to be a big social evil in times to come. Public cooperation is solicited to curb this evil from our society.

Yours truly,