The Union Cabinet cleared today the setting up of a Petrochemical factory in Karnal. The project is to be set up in collaboration with UK Petrochemicals within 3 years. It shall save the valuable foreign exchange to the tune of Rs. 150 cores a year spent in importing raw material used for manufacturing various items used in industrial application.


The Editor

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Dear Sir

I have read an article in yesterday’s newspaper that a Petrochemical factory is coming up in Karnal very soon. I am writing this letter to express my deep concern over the environmental pollution the factory shall create over the surrounding areas. This area is considered the rice bowl of the country. It contributes a major portion of food grains to the Central Pool. The factory shall emit poisonous smoke which shall play havoc to the paddy fields resulting in less produce. I am afraid; saving foreign exchange will entail spending it on the import of rice.


The farmers have already shown their resentment whose land is being acquired for the factory. This will also result in increasing the number of unemployed people. Moreover, the farmers shall lose their source of livelihood, as their land is the only source of it. This will also be a potent factor for environmental pollution in this area.

I appeal to the Government to reconsider its decision in the year when we are celebrating the Environment Year throughout the world under the auspices of UNO.

Yours faithfully