Letter from son to his father telling him how you sprained your ankle by accident

Dear father,

I am sorry I could not write to you for some time, causing you a good deal of worry. I could not help it as I was lying in bed with a sprained ankle. My ankle is still bandaged and I have to stick to my bed for a week more.

I was going to the school on the 6th instant. I feared I was getting late so I started walking rather fast on the footpath. Unfortunately in hurry I overlooked a banana skin and stepped on it. I lost my balance and fell down. When I tried to get up I found that my ankle was aching badly and would not carry my weight. Some friends took me a rickshaw to the school doctor who examined my ankle and said that it had a sprain. My leg was Put in plaster and I was asked not to move for a fortnight.


I am sorry for all this but you need not worry as I am recovering fast. The doctor comes to see me once a day and my friends look after my requirements most kindly. You need not also worry about my studies, Suresh, one of my class fellows, lives in the next room. He is a great friend of mine. I am following all my class lectures through his help. I hope I shall be quite able to manage my studies with him. What I need is your blessings for my speedy recovery.

With respectful regards to you and mummy and love to the youngsters!

Your loving son,