My dear father,

I am sorry I could not write to you earlier. It was not that I was very busy in my studies. It was just for another very interesting thing. Only a fortnight ago, a new boy called Mahesh joined our school in my class. He was given a seat beside me. At first sight I did not like him but his habits have endeared him to me and to many other boys so much that on the first Saturday we all went out for a picnic to a nearby village and passed our Sunday holiday there on his initiative.

Mahesh is almost of my age and complexion. He is very good at studies. Because he sits with me in the classroom we have become fast friends.

The most lovable thing in Mahesh’s character is his quality of leadership. He has not been here for more than a mere fortnight and he is already being tipped for leadership of our class. During this period he has organised on two occasion’s outings and managed the whole show single-handedly. Few boys can compare with him. The teachers are also very impressed by him.


You would be glad to know that I have already invited him to accompany me during the summer vacations. I am sure you would be glad to meet him.

Please convey my respects to dear mother.

Your loving son,