Kamla Nagar Delhi

26th May, 200X

My dear Father,

Many thanks for your letter which I received yesterday. We are glad to learn that you enjoy good health.


Rahul misses you very much. He has been ill since you left us. He is under the treatment of Dr. Ashok Kaushik.

He has recovered from fever. But he has not yet got rid of cough. Doctor says that he will recover completely within one week. So you need not worry about his health

The maid servant left work last Sunday. So the mother is facing great difficulty in doing the work. I lend a helping hand to her in the work in the evening and morning.

I am getting on well with my studies. My teacher holds a very high opinion about me. I am working very hard these days. I take exercise daily.


We are eagerly looking forward to your return When you will be able to return?

With love and best wishes.

Your loving son.

J Honey