My dear father,

I am in receipt of your letter. We were all glad to learn that you are satisfactorily progressing towards recovery.


You have inquired about news here. I think you should not have worried yourself a-bout us during your illness.

You will be glad to know that Ashok stood first in the class in the annual examinations. He is likely to get some reward. Most probably it would be a medal bearing his name.

Rita and Krishna have also been declared successful though without distinction. They are very happy because both of them had fared badly in their Arithmetic papers, and were expecting a failure. They have promised not to waste their time in playing and do hard work in future.

You will be glad to know that the Manager of your office visited us yesterday to enquire about your health. He assured me of financial help to any extent. I thanked him on your behalf. He spoke very kindly Accepted tea from us and inquired about my studies.


Our neighbours are helping us a lot. Rama’s mother cooks our ideals in time and never allows us to feel the absence of mother. Before going to sleep Rama’s father also visits our house to cheer us and their servant Makhu sleeps in our house to guard us. In fact we are being looked after very carefully. We have no worry except when to see you back hale and hearty.

Please pay my best respects to dear mother. Assure her not to worry about us.

Yours loving son