Write a letter to your uncle telling him that you will spend your vacation with him in Kashmir


A-80, Kamla Nagar


26th May, 2


My dear Uncle,

Many thanks for your kind letter inviting me to spend my vacation with you in Kashmir.

When I read your letter my joy knew no bounds. As you have men­tioned in your letter that Kashmir ‘is a paradise on earth’ so my curiosity was aroused all the more to visit Kashmir. My father had also agreed to my spending the vacation with you.

I will let you know about my actual date of reaching Kashmir as soon as my examinations will finish on 15th April.


I am extremely glad to learn that you will make arrangements for my stay in a House Boat. I shall greatly enjoy it. I am thrilled to think that I shall be enjoying the beauties of nature in the valley of Kashmir. I hope that my health will also improve there during my stay.

I am anxiously waiting for the day when my examination will be over and I shall be free to join you and enjoy your pleasant company. How is dear Aunt kindly convey my regards to her.

Yours Affectionately,


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