With the outbreak of the Second World War in 1939 there had been a complete change in the international situation. As Britain was involved in the war, India as a part of the British empire also got entangled in the war.

As a subjugated country India and her people had virtually no say in the matter. Britain unilaterally made India her partner in the War.

However, in 1941-42 there was a new development in the war situation. The participation of Japan in the war in 1941 on the side of Germany and Italy had threatened the security of the British Indian Empire.

With the occupation of Burma (present Myanmar), Indonesia, etc. in the South-east Asia the apprehension of Britain about the security of the British Indian empire had increased all the more.


In order to meet the Japanese threat the co-operation of the Indian people was absolutely necessary. The British government in England now opened negotiation with the Indian leadership by sending the Cripps’ Mission.

It was in these circumstances that Stafford Cripps, the head of the Mission, came to visit India.