In the midst of the World War II when a new situation developer with the participation of Japan in the War the British government was compelled to open negotiations with the Indian leaders.

It was in this background that a Mission was sent under the leadership of Sir Richard Stafford Cripps to India.

This was known as the Cripps’ Mission. The Cripps’ Mission’s proposals included interim and long- term settlement these were as follows:

(1) the goal of India was to be the attainment of the ‘Dominion Status’.


(2) The Indians were to be given the right to frame the Dominion Constitution after the War.

(3) The constitution-making body would constitute elected members from the British territories as also the representatives from the Native States.

(4) Any Province or State would have the right to reject the Constitution.

(5) For the present the British Govt, was to continue as before. The responsibility for the security and defence of India was to be retained by the British Govt.