The expansion of family welfare programme leads to decline in birth-rate slowly but due to rapid decline in death-rate, there has not been any significant decline in the growth rate of population. The cause of decline in death-rate is given below:

(a) Control of Epidemics:

There were famines, floods and cyclones etc. in the paste led to increase in death-rate. Due to development of transport and communication, now we are able to send goods from one place to another place.

So there is now less harmful effects of all these natural calamities. Different types of epidemics like plague, cholera and malaria were responsible for high death- rate. But due to development of medical and treatment facilities, these have been controlled.


(b) Improvement in medical science and health facilities:

Medical science and health facilities have improved a lot. Due to medical facilities, epidemics have been controlled. Due to different-types of family welfare measures both the infant mortality-rate and female death-rate have declined.

Good water, better drainage facilities and trained medical personnel also help us to improve the sanitary condition for which the death-rate has declined significantly.