8 main causes for the Decline in Death Rate in India


The main reasons responsible for the decline in death rate are as under.

1. Decline in Epidemics:

In India efforts are being made to reduce the epidemics like plague, malaria etc. In the seventh five year plan, a sum of Rs. 715 crore was spent on this particular aspect.


2. Urbanization of Population:

Majority of population has migrated to towns. In 1991 senses, about 28% of the total population was in towns as compared to 10.3% in 1911. Moreover, development of medical and sanitary conditions has also reduced the death rate.

3. Late Marriages:

The late marriages have been encouraged in the country. Laws regarding marriages have been vigorously enforced.


4. More Medical Facilities:

Medical facilities in the country are going on to develop rapidly. In the course of five year plans, about Rs. 2000 crore have been spent on medical facilities.

5. Spread of Education:

The literacy ratio in the country has been increasing at an equal interval. People have more reasonable and better outlook to nourish their children. They always keep in mind their future.


6. Change in Habits:

Habits of the people are also changing. Now they have more care for their health which has led to a decline in death rate.

7. Decline in Social Evils:

In India various social evils like caste system, superstition etc. have been rooted out. This has also led to the decline in the death rate.


8. Balanced Diet:

In India, people get better and equal balanced diet. The Govt is also giving proper attention to provide the countrymen with better diet.

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