Why the population of India is increasing rapidly ?


The increase in population depends on the difference between the birth rate and the death rate. If in a particular year the number of new born babies is equal to the number of deaths in the year, the population will neither increase nor decrease and in case the number of new born babies is more than the number of deaths, the population will increase.

Now we have more hospitals, doctors and nurses than before. Health care has increased. New medicines have been found out which cure the diseases more effectively. Some epidemics which claimed more lives have been eradi­cated. Death rate among the children which was quite high has been minimised. With new researches and new medicines the people now enjoy longer lives. The difference between the birth rate and the death rate has increased. That is why the population of India has increased. –

We should check this rapid increase in population. We should control the birth rate. We should visit family welfare centres and take advice from the doctors. If we are able to control the birth rate, we shall be able to check the rapid increase in population. Our Government is also educating the people about this alarming rate of increase in population and has launched various family welfare programmes.


Advantages of a Small Family :

A small family is a happy family. A small family is that family which has only one or two children. In such a family children get good attention and grow up strong and happy persons.. The children in a small family get better and nourishing food. They can be sent to good schools for better education. Children in a large family cannot be sent to better schools as the parents cannot afford fees and other expenses.

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