Arguments for:

1. By reducing the age we will induct larger number of people in the political process of the country. The larger the parti­cipation the better will be the basis for democracy because it will inculcate greater political consciousness.

2. By inducting a large number of the young voters we will be encouraging younger generation to give a dynamic touch to politics and political ideologies. So far Indian politics has been dominated by the older who are generally conservative and static. Dynamism in politics is necessary for quicker progress.

3. By giving the young people the right to vote we will make them responsible citizens of the country. Moreover they will get enough time for becoming politically awake. This will strengthen our democracy and make us democratic in our thinking.


Arguments against :

1. Generally an 18-year old boy or girl is not matured as far his/her thinking is concerned. If immature people are in­ducted in politics they will be exploited by the seasoned politicians to their advantage. Thus many political problems will emerge.

2. Young generations will soon come in confrontation with older generations because of the generation gap. In a country like India where democracy has not established itself, such confrontation is dangerous.

3. If a boy or girl of 18-year is given the right to vote colleges and universities will become the hot-bed of politics. As a result of it the real purpose of education will be sacrificed and corrupt practices which are the by-product of politics will vitiate the at­mosphere.