Arguments for :

1. Cultivation of democratic thinking and democratic spirit is necessary for the working of democracy. Democracy would have failed if we have not been democratic in outlook. So there is little chance of its failure in India.

2. Future of democracy depends on the working of democracy because its working must create confidence among people. Indian democracy has been based on adjustment among different groups and different opinions—the solution of Assam, Tripura and Gorkha-land problems indicate this. As the working of democracy is proper India will remain democratic for all times to come.

3. People have been quite active in political participation. This is one of the encouraging factors so democracy will definitely establish itself in India.


Arguments against :

1. Politicians are exploiting religion, caste and regional pro­blems for their personal benefit. This will result in the disin­tegration of the country. Moreover when such forces become strong democracy is replaced by dictatorship.

2. The politicians in India are interested in their own welfare. So they are prepared to do anything for coming in power or for remaining in power. Such leaders can never make democracy a success because democracy demands sacrifice.

3. In India there is no healthy opposition and no independent press whereas both of these are necessary for the proper working of democracy. If democracy does not work properly people become frustrated and dissatisfied which give births to dictatorship.