Arguments for :

1. The main purpose of education is to prepare us day-to-day life. One must learn manners and also other tricks which make a person successful in material and social life .Politics in a democratic set up is one of the careers open to the people an if a student learns about it at the student age, he will be much benefited in the later life.

2. The main problem with our democracy is that day life does not inculcate democratic feelings ; at home father’s orders are final and at the college principal’s direction must be obeyed. Till our student life does not become democratic, it is not possible for us to become democrats.

3. Perhaps students are more suitable for politics than grown up people because students are generous, large hearted, patriotic submissive. On the other hand grown up people become selfish, materialistic and narrow minded so if students take part in polistics perhaps our politics will become moral.


Arguments against :

1. By taking part in politics students will be ignoring their studies. The main purpose of the students’ life is education which will not be paid attention. Politics is so complicated that it con­sumes the whole of their time and they cannot devote time to their students.

2. Students are generally immature in their thinking and so they are exploited by the matured politicians to their advantage. In this manner they are corrupted and in their turn corrupt politics also.

3. If students take part in politics, the Universities and colleges will be reduced to political arena and consequently there will be groupism, rivalries, and what not. Consequently, even education will be given a political colour and this will ultimately benefit neither democracy nor people in general.