How is India placed in the area of space market?


Recently, data from India’s highly successful IRS series of earth observation spacecraft accounts for the one fourth of the worldwide market for Satellite resources data. Countries like USA, Germany, Japan, Saudi Arabia and Equador continue to receive IRS data. Proposals are also on hand to include South America and Africa too. It is to the credit of 10,000 highly skilled technical manpower of ISRO that Antrix has been able to lunch Indian space achievements into global orbit.

The most prized achievement of India’s space marketing drive has been the leasing out of as many as 11 transponders (Communication) devices on board its INSAT-2E domestic spacecraft to the Washington based Intelsat, a multinational consortium providing global satellite communications services.

This deal will fetch India US $ 100 million over the next 10 years and is being described as tribute to the excellence that India achieved in me area of satellite technology. Antrix Corp has already supplies hardware and components to the aerospace companies in West Europe and North American.


It successfully executed a contract for Hughes Space and Communications bided in El Segundo for supply of critical space components including pressure transducers, solar wing actuators, magnetic torque rods, till and drain valves as well as shafts for solar array drives.

Antrix has made tie ups with Belgium, Germany to lunch their scientific satellites named probe and Bird on board PSLV flights. With France it has made and understanding to expand the marketing opportunities PSLV. It has also offered technical consultancy .services for a spacecraft mission control system of South Korea.

At present, Indian space research has made a big advancement in space market worldwide and has almost established its name.


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