What is Antrim Corporation Limited?


The Department of Space has established Antrim Corporation Limited, a wholly government owned company, is the commercial arm of the ISRO. It has been formed in Bangalore.

It is a single window agency for marketing Indian space capabilities. It involves itself in marketing technologies and services relating to assembly and sub-assemblies of satellite system. It is playing a key role in the worldwide availability of IRS data through Geoeye, USA. It also provides IRS data processing equipment. Antrix also offering launching services using India’s PSLV.

Through Antrix Telemetry, tracking and command support from the Indian ground stations are being offered. An agreement has also been entered with EADS Astrium, Paris for the joint manufacture of 2000 kg, and 3000 kg class satellite plateforms for the telecommunication markets. Besides, Antxis has won contracts from Europe and Asia for launch services in the highly competitive International markets.


Antrix has also supplied the required hardware and software for IRS data reception and additional ground stations in Australia and Saudi Arabia are in various staged of completion. The market for telecommunication satellite for private sector service providers is also being tapped by Antrix.

Contracts have also been signed with an Indian company for providing consultancy services for its satellite project. Various negotiations are also under way for marketing of telecommunication satellites jointly with leading spacecrafts manufactures.

Antrix Corporation Limited which was incorporated in September 1992 for promotion and commercial exploration of products and services from the Indian Space Program has shown an impressive array of achievements, capabilities and facilities. It is serving the world markets for using India’s PSLV, GSLV, IRS and GSATS. PSLV has successfully put into orbit many foreign satellites like TUBSAT of Germany, KITSAT-3 of Republic of Korea, PROBA of Belgium.

To gain a competitive edge in the global satellite launch market, the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) is taking steps to cut rocket costs by cutting vehicle weight and increasing fuel economy.

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