List of some of the important events in Space (first wise)


First Indian (woman) in space-Kalpana Chawla (19th Nov., 1997).

First woman who lead spacecraft-Allin Collis (America).

First creator of rules regarding space research-Isaac Newton.


First artificial satellite launched in space-Sputnik-I (1957).

First man in space-Km Gagarin, U.S.S.R. (1961).

First woman in spacz-Valentino Tereshkova, U.S.S.R. (June 1963).

First man who moved in space out of the spacecraft-Alexi Livonov,


U.S.S.R. (June 1965). First person to land on moon.-Neil Armstrong, America (21st July, 1969). First fourwheeled carriage without human being on moon-Leunokhev-l,

U.S.S.R. (1970). First space lab in orbit-Skylab (America, 1973). First space shuttle-Columbia (America, 1981).

First Indian (man) in space-Squadron leader-Rakesh Sharma (13th April, 1984).

First spacecraft on Mars-Pathfinder (6 July, 1997).


First spacecraft without man-Shenzoo, China (20th Nov., 1999).

irst living being sent in space-Louika (a dog). Firstever manned spacecraft- Vostok-I

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