25 GK Questions and Answers on Space Exploration

1. The first man to put his heel on the Moon in 1969 was

(a) Neil Armstrong (ft) Edwin Aldrin

(c) Charles Conrad (d) Yuri Gagarin


2. Mariner 10 was launched by U.S. in November, 1973 to explore

(a) Mercury (ft) Sun

(c) Venus (d) Moon

3. With the launching of Aryabhatta satellite in 1975, India became…………


the nation to orbit a satellite:

(a) 9th (ft) 6th

(c) 11th (d) 7th

4. Aryabhatta was built at


(a) Trivandrum (ft) Peenya

(c) Thumba (d) None of these

5. One of the following moon landing mission failed to reach the moon and returned to earth with crew alive

(a) Apollo-14 (ft) Apollo-13


(c) Apollo-10 (d) Apollo-12

6. Apollo-12 Astronauts landed at the

(a) Sea of Tranquility (ft) Ocean of Storms

(c) Sea of Rains (d) None of these


7. The ill-fated Soyuz flight in which all the 3 Cosmonauts were found dead on board after landing was:

(a) Soyuz-11 (ft) Soyuz-12

(c) Soyuz-9 (d) Soyuz-13

8. Crew of two separate capsules boarded a space Station together at:


(a) U.S.-Soviet Apolio-Soyuz mission in July 1975

(,b) Salyuz 27-Sqyuz 6 Space Station on January 11, 1971

(c) Soyuz 21-Salyuz 5-in July 1976

(d) None of these

9. The first man-made satellite was launched by:

(a) USSR (b) USA

(c) Britain (d) None of these

10. Sputnik-1, the first man made artificial satellite, was launched by Ihe USSR in:

(a) October, 1956 (b) October, 1957

(c) October, 1958 (d) None of these

11. The first human traveller in outer space was

(a) An astronaut of the USA

(b) A cosmonaut of the USSR (c) None of these

12. The first spacecraft to make a soft landing on the moon was launched by

(a) USA (b) USSR

(c) UK (d) None of these

13. Who was the first human to reach the lunar vicinity?

(a) Frank Borman (b) James Lower Jr. (c) William Anderson (d) All of them

14. Who was the second human to touch the moon soil, next to Neil Armstrong?

(a) Edwin Aldrin (b) Richard Gordon

(c) Alan Bean (d) David Scott

15. What was the name of the lunar module which saved the lives of three astronauts of Apollo-13, a moon landing mission which was aborted by a mysterious blast?

(a) Eagle (b) Intrepid

(c) Aquarius id) Kitty Hawk

16. Which was the moon walking mission in Apollo series that enabled t’le astronauts to remain on the moon for the longest spell?

(a) Apollo-15 (b) Apollo-16

(c) Apollo-17 (d) None of these

17. When did America and Russia carry out the historic link-up of Apollo Soyuz spaceships in outer space?

(a) July 1974 (b) July 1975

(c) July 1976 (d) None of these

18. The first international crew launched by Soviet Union on March 2, 1978 was:

(a) Soyuz-27 (b) Soyuz-28

(c) Spyuz-29 (d) None of these

19. The highest endurance record in outer space has been set up by astronauts or cosmonauts of:

(a) Sky lab -11 (b) Soyue-30

(c) Soyuz -31 (d) None of these

20. Which of the following unmanned spacecrafts reached the Venus first? (a) Venus (II) of USSR (b) Pioneer I of USA

(c) Insat of India (d) None of these

21. “Titan” is the satellite of:

(a) Jupiter (b) Saturn

(c) Sun (d) Moon

22. Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre is located in:

(a) Maharashtra (b) Gujarat

(c) Kerala (d) None of these

23. Which was the first Asian country to launch the earth satellite?

(a) India (b) Japan

(c) China (d) None of these

24. The weight of Aryabhatta satellite launched by India in 1975 was:

(a) 360 kg (b) 520 kg

(c) 120 kg (d) None of these

25. The diameter of Aryabhatta setellite was:

(a) 115 cm (b) 140 cm

(c) 108 cm (d) None of these


1. (a) 8. (a) 15. (c) 22. (ft)

2. (a) 9. (a) 16. (b) 23. (c)

3. (c) 10. (b) 17. (b) 24. (a)

4. (b) 11. (a) 18. (b) 25. (ft)

5. (ft) 12. (a) 19. (c)

7. (a) 14. (d) 21. (a)