Science has revolutionised our life. It has considerably altered the world by its wonderful discoveries and inventions. It has created mysteries. No aspect of our life remains untouched of science, whether at home or in school or in office. It is predominant in every walk of life.

It has done not only concrete services to mankind but also filled us with wonder by making impossible things possible for us.

Thus it is science which has make helpless man the king of the universe, removed the darkness of ignorance with light of knowledge and changed our thorny life into the bed of roses.

Science has been a potent factor to shape the history of man’s civilisation on earth. Our forefathers lived a nomadic life, and we are now living in the atomic age. This long leap from the jungle to the atomic civilisation could be possible only through science.


It is difficult to count the blessings of science. They are numerous. The TV, VCR, the fan, the bulb, the cooking gas, the maxi, juicier and grinder, the washing machine and many more are the great boons of science. The availability of these things has made our life very comfortable.

In the field of transport and communication, science has rendered great service to mankind. Today we live in the age of aeroplanes, which are the quickest means of transport. Telephone, telegraphs and wireless are wonderful gifts of science.

We can talk to our friends or relatives over a vast distance within a very short time. The plane takes us from one place to another so fast. We can take our breakfast in India, lunch in London and dinner in USA. The distance of months and years is covered in hours and days.

In the field of industry and agriculture the service of science connot is forgotten. If it had not invented tractors, industrial machines and new ways of production, a good portion of our increasing population would have died due to shortage of food and preventive clothes against beating cold and heat. Here science looks like the saviour of mankind.


Science has given us life saving drugs. It is due to science that serious operations are possible. These are X-rays which help us to know the interior parts of the body. Many fatal diseases, which were considered incurable, now can be easily cured.

Now people don’t die of malaria, plague and TB. We have overcome these diseases with the help of science. In short we can say that science has given eyes to the blind, ears to the deaf and legs to the lame.

It is said science in a good servant but a bad master. On one hand we have life-sarving drugs and test-tube babies while on the other hand we have the devastating atom bomb. One symbolises life and the other the doom. Hence there is a need of the hour to think over its needs and prospects for the 21 st century.

The risks of war have become so great that the continued existence of our species either has become or soon will become incompatible with the new methods of scientific destruction. In this age of science we have forgotten charity and tolerance and for bearance, which are the base of humanity. We have become so engrossed in the material things that we have ceased to think about the non-material matters.


One thing we must keep in our mind that science is a boon when it acts like a servant but a bane when it becomes our master. We must not let science act like our master.