This is an age of science. Science has completely changed the entire world. Science has made our life more comfortable and trouble free. Science is useful to us. The blessings of Science are too many to count. Science has conquered time and distance. Electricity is another wonderful gift of science.

Electricity, one of its off shoots, is used in washing clothes, cooking food and in entertaining us. Its uses are unlimited. It lights our houses, shops, showrooms and streets. It runs our air-conditioners and air coolers. It keeps us warm in winter and cool in summer.

Mobile, television, radio, aeroplane etc. are some of these. It has increased our speed of work and has given us fast moving means of transport. Travelling is now so safe and fast. We have cars, buses, metro- rails, trains, ships and aeroplanes. Man can walk and talk any corner of the world.

In the fields of education, entertainment and agriculture has proved a great blessing. The worst fact of science is seen in the wars. Science is a boon and is in the service of man if used in the right manner.