Modern age is the age of science. The world has become smaller. The railway engine has replaced the bullock cart. The aeroplane takes us to distant places in a few hours. Man can fly at a speed of more than 2000 kilometres per hour. Man has reached the moon the with the help of science.

Science has changed our domestic life. Electricity is I used in place of coal. We cook on gas stoves. Computers, I televisions and radios have made life more pleasant Heaters, irons, washing machines, freezers, and room- coolers are in common use.

We can talk on the mobile phone at a distance of thousands of kilometres. Everything is made with the help of machines. The cost of production has gone down. Farmers use many machines in agriculture. Chemicals are used in the fields. In the field of medicine and surgery, science has made wonderful progress.

But science has also produced many destructive weapons. It has given atom bombs, hydrogen bombs, tanks, missiles etc. in the hands of man. It has raised the threat of a nuclear war. Science can be man’s friend as well as enemy.