The twentieth century is the age of science. Scientific discoveries and inventions have revolutionized our entire life on earth. Time and distance have been killed. Science has surpassed the old miracles of mythology.

The recent advances of science have beaten magic and old witchcraft hollow. Man has harnessed nature like a slave and a hand-maid. The Sputnik Age has come. Reaching the Moon and the Mars is no longer thought to be an impossibility. Science is the god of the twentieth century.

Electricity is the supreme achievement. It is the crowning glory 0f science. Electricity is helping us in our houses and in our factories. The radio and the television are the greatest miracles of science. Science has made impossible things possible.

It has changed boys into girls and vice versa. Telephonic messages and cable grams have annihilated time in a manner that lay beyond the wildest dreams of our forefathers. The contribution of modern science to medicine and surgery is marvellous.


Plastic surgery is a new feather in the cap of science. In Physics, the most notable event is the X-ray; and in medicine, the invention of penicillin, D. D. T., streptomycin and chloromycetin is epoch-making. They are wonderdrugs.

Tractors plough the land in place of bullocks and tanks have replaced cavalry in the army. Science has placed in the hands of man the atom bomb and the hydrogen bomb, the most hideous and destructive weapons. Two atom bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki razed the cities to the ground and destroyed all signs of life, even vegetation. The flying bombs or the pilotless planes crash on the enemy cities and rain death and destruction where they fall.

Technology and rapid strides in aeronautical engineering have been amazing. We belong to a generation where Indian women have been sent to space. The unfortunate disintegration of the Shuttle in Texas has been a moment of sadness.

That apart cloning in genetics is yet another wonder organ transplants too have been epoch making. An auto-mailing machine folds and addresses many thousand magazines per hour. Another machine licks the stamps and puts them on the packets at the rate of 8,000 stamps per hour.


Also, it counts every stamp into the bargain. There are calculating and adding machines. There is a machine that can calculate interest on any sum, at any given rate, for any time. There are machines which can convert any sum of money into the currency of any other country, at any given rate of exchange.

There is no end to the miracles of modern science. Tomorrow we may have aerial trains running across the sky.