As we know that education is development of body mind and spirit.

If we try to correlate physical, intellectual emotional and spiritual development ,vita the domains of learning, we find that development of intellect falls in the cognitive domain, while emotional and spiritual development is concerned with e affective domain and physical development is through skills which comprise of the psychomotor domain.

Hole teaching-learning process is directed by instructional objectives which found as the form of behavioural terms. We want to get these pre-determined objectives after teaching learning process.

These objectives are formulated rough different domains. Identification of learning at various levels in the different domains and then formulation of specific behavioural objectives as earning outcomes will help in designing or planning instruction and also valuation.


This domain related objectives serve as guidelines in learning striation and evaluation. This domain gives specificity and clarity in formulating instructional objectives.

Through these instructional objectives, e can get a direction to educational activities. They provide a clear direction or choosing various programmes of curricular and co-curricular activities, of we can say that these domains of learning has very much implications for the whole teaching learning process.