Teaching Process:

As teaching process has a complex nature, thus there is controversy in the views of experts as to whether it is an art or science. Some experts consider it to be an art as it portrays the imaginative and artistic abilities of the teacher in creating an appropriate and encouraging kind of atmosphere in the classroom in which students can understand the various kinds of new information properly and effectively.

It is only in such kind of appropriate environment that a teacher can fulfill or achieve the set objectives of teaching. There are some experts who consider function of teaching as a science. They are of the view that as in the process of teaching, one has to follow certain logical, mechanical and procedural steps for accomplishment of set objectives, thus it is a branch of science.

Whatever the experts consider but in reality, teaching is both an art as well as science as both the important features of art and sciences are found in this process. Teaching process is based on certain fundamental principles, without which it will lost its importance and significance.


Features of Teaching Process:

Teaching process is based on certain principles, mentions of which are as follows:

i. Teaching process is scientific in nature. Content, communication and feedback are important components of teaching process.

ii. There exist a close relationship in between the teaching process and learning process.


iii. Teaching-learning activities can be modified, improved and developed through various means, by which quality of education can be improved to considerable extent.

iv. Through creating an appropriate kind of environment in the classroom and other places in the school, it is possible to establish the terminal behaviour of learner in terms of learning structures.

v. It is possible to develop and strengthen various teaching skills by means of feedback devices. These devices can be sophisticated and advanced in technology.

vi. Output of the teacher and the learner can be enhanced to considerable extent by using achievement motivation techniques.


vii. By designing suitable teaching activities, it is possible to achieve pre-determined learning objectives.