What is the Importance of Team Teaching in Learning Process?


Team Teaching

Team teaching is bring used to bring the improvements in teaching learning process. The present day education system has increased the responsibilities of the teaching. The teacher has to teach the same content every year. This develops alienation and disinterest in the teacher. In spite of such year.

In spite of such tendencies of the teacher, he has to teach. In such conditions, the need of team teaching arises. In the Western Country, the team teaching is not a novel discovery because in these countries it is being used to improve the quality of the instruction since a long period of time. In India, its use is at the initial stage.


This technique was first developed in 1955 in Harvard University. These this concept travelled to Britain in 1960. In Britain, it was developed by J- Ereeman. Gradually, its use was started is schools and colleges. In Chicago University. Chase used team teaching for effective teaching.

After the successful application in colleges the team-teaching was started for the training of the army during World War II.

In India, this concept is being used now but its success has been doubted. Team-teaching can be defined as a type of instructional organization, involving teaching personal and the students assigned to them in which two or more teachers are given responsibility of working together, for all or significant part of the instructing to the same group of students.

Objectives of Team-Teaching:


1. To increase the quality of the instruction.

2. To make the class room teaching effective according to the interests and capacities of the pupils.

3. To make best use of attractive abilities, their interests and expertise in teacher’s community.

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