348 words Essay for school students on best day of my life

Our class teacher was on leave. He taught us Mathematics. I being the monitor of the ,class approached the Principal with the request to send some teacher to our class. The Principal told me that many teachers were on leave on that day so it was not possible for him to send any teacher to our class. He asked me instead to keep the class busy and do some teaching. It was the order of the Principal and I had to obey it. And I did obey him like an obedient student.

Our class is considered to be the best class in the school. Many a time we have won the flags of cleanliness, discipline, studies and sports. The students are very much well-behaved and obedient. It was these qualities of the class that gave me some confidence to face my classmates as a teacher though I was one of them. I decided to do the home task with the class assigned to us by the teacher the day before. I asked the students to show me their home task. They readily showed me their note books. I marked one sign on them in token of having checked the home task.

After checking the home task I found that many students had not done the complete home task. They had found some questions difficult and had been unable to solve them. I took up those difficult questions one by one. I had done all the questions and knew them well. I solved them on the black-board for those who had not been able to do them. The class was very much co-operative solved five questions on the black-board. The students were very happy. They asked me to assign them the task for the next day. I assigned them five more sums of the same exercise as home task. The period came to an end. I was happy that I had successfully conducted the class in the absence of my teacher.


I guess that day was the best day of my life…