174 Words Essay for Kids on my first day at school


My first day at school is a memorable day in the history of my life. When I was about three years old my mother decided to admit me in the nursery class in a school nearby our residence. My mother gave the sweets to the teacher. The teacher distributed the sweets among the children of my class.

There are about 40 teachers in my school. My class teacher was a young, beautiful good natured lady. She was wearing Jeans and Shirts. She was our English teacher. She had asked many questions about me. As soon as the bell for the recess rang, the students jumped out merrily. They sat in the groups of two or three. All the students took their lunch boxes and sat here and there. Students took the meals and ran to the ground for playing.

The teacher sat in the classroom. She took tea to refresh herself for the next periods. When the final bell rang, I returned with my mother. I was veiy happy. I can’t forget that day.

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