319 words Essay for school students on my teacher


Shri K.N. Kapoor is my teacher. He is a young man and very fond of his students. He gives all his time to the boys and girls. He works very hard for them. He thinks all students as his children. He has been on the staff of the school for nearly ten years now; he is the senior teacher of the school.

He always comes to the class in time. He is dressed neatly. Always he has a smiling face. I have never seen him sad or angry. He was very soft spoken. He helps students out of their difficulties.

He teaches the class very careful. He pays greater attention to weak students. He never beats them. He takes great pains to teach them. All his students are intelligent. They can understand his lessons very easily.


He allows us to ask as many questions as we like. He loves and praises those boys who do their work regularly and intelligently. He has a great teaching quality. He speaks with great ease and in a very simple language.

There is not a trace of verbosity and mere show in his speech. He has on many occasions presided over the weekly meetings, and seminars in the school. All teachers and the Headmaster highly praise him for his endowments.

Mostly teachers are like him. He loves all of us. There is a human touch in his feelings. He is sad when somebody is sick. He is sad when somebody does wrong. He never beats his students. He sets them right by love and gentle and kind words.

I will never forget Kapoor sir, in my life. I will always remember him. He will always live in my memory wherever I go.


The kind of fatherly care and motherly attention which he is kind enough to give me as well as other students has acquired for him a permanent place in our hearts.

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