Last week I visited my village. My father is in the Army. He left his village when he was nineteen years old. Since then we had never visited the place. My uncle had invited me to visit our village.

My village is near Saharanpur. I went to Saharanpur by train. From there I took a bus. It is five kilometres from Saharanpur. My uncle was waiting for me at the road side.

I met my aunt and other members of the family. It was a hot day. I took a bath at the farm well. I bathed in the open for the first time. I enjoyed the cold water very much. Then I went to the mango orchard. There I plucked mangoes with my own hands. Then I took lunch. It was a very simple meal of maize flour bread, curd and vegetables.

In the evening I visited the farm. My uncle was watering the crops. I milked the cow for the first time in my life. I lived in the village for fifteen days. When I returned, many people came to see me off. I was very impressed by the simple living of the village people.