A visit to an exhibition is a novel experience. An exhibition which I visited recently was very interesting. It was one of the largest exhibitions ever held. Being a Sunday there were so many visitors that made it difficult to walk.

Men, women and children in their colourful and best dresses were there. At the booking-counter there were long queues. I bought tickets and entered the exhibition ground. Our parents and I enjoyed the exhibition for a long time. The grounds were tastefully decorated. There were stalls and pavilions of ministries, companies and states.

There were many restaurants and stalls. We went from one pavilion to another. There were hundreds of exhibits for the domestic use. By the time we came out of the German pavilion, we were very tired. We went to a coffee-shop and had hot coffee.

Next we took round of the stalls. My mother bought a shawl. We visited the village complex. There were village singers, jugglers and folk artists. They were giving their performances. There were carts, wells, pools and bridges in them. We enjoyed a puppet show. By the time, we came out of the village complex, it was evening. We decided to return home. But much of the exhibition was still left unseen, as it was spread in a big open space.