250 Words Essay for Kids on a visit to a historical place


Last Sunday our school arranged a visit to Agra to see the world famous Taj Mahal. It is one of the wonders of the world. It is called the Mughal Marvel. We reached the station early in the morning to catch the Shatabdi Express.

The train started at 6.15 a.m. We reached Agra at 8.05 a.m. The train did not take much time to reach Agra. Agra is also known as the “City of Taj”.

The great Mughal Emperor Shahjahan built it in memory of his beloved Queen Mumtaz Mahal. After her death, Mumtaz was laid to rest here. It stands on the banks of river Yamuna. It took about twenty years and was built by as many as 20,000 labourers. Over Rs. 20 crores were spent on it at that time.


It was a full moon night. We held our breath as we watched the splendid piece of magic and wonder. It was a thing of beauty providing everlasting joy. We saw its image in the Yamuna water.

Besides the grave of Mumtaz there is another grave. It is that of Shahjahan. We wandered here and there eagerly and visited every place. The Taj has four tall minarets at each corner of the tomb. All around there are lush green lawns and blooming flowers. We spent a few hours enjoying the beauty of the monuments. We came back to the station in the evening. The Taj richly deserves all the honour and distinction that it has been showered with.

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