181 words Essay on a Visit to a Village Fair


Fairs and festivals are held in every town and village of India. The people living in villages have no entertainment except the fairs.

I went to see a village fair with my friend. There were many men, women and children going to see the fair.

They were wearing colorful clothes. They came from the neighboring villages.


First of all, the people worshipped the goddess in the Kali temple. They placed the offerings of sweets in fro of the goddess.

There was a great hustle and bustle in the market there were many shops in a row. There were shops bangles, ready-made garments, toys and sweets. A flute seller was playing on his flute. The children weir enjoying rides on the merry-go-round. There were also rope-dancers and magicians. The snake charmers and jugglers were also there. There were some policemen who were maintaining law and order in the fair.

A small boy had separated from his parents. He was given to his parents by the scouts. When it became dark and we returned to our homes. It was a very happy visit.

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