The school is an institution within institutions. It has many institu­tions, but the hostel is an important institution, where the boarders develop many good qualities through its programme. By organizing activities like debates, musical evenings, indoor games, paper reading, tournaments and monthly dinners with chief guests, speeches and cultural programmes, the hostel makes the inners of the students outer.

It helps the student whose home environment is unhealthy and unhappy and the children of govern­ment servants on transfer. It saves the time of the students coming from distant places and those who desire to read in a good school. Though the demand for school hostels is gradually decreasing for the rapid expansion of secondary education, its importance can hardly be ignored.

The school hostel plays a very important role for the education of the ‘whole man.” The hostel programme, if properly organized can humanize the educed by modifying their dehumanized qualities. It is an organization of education for humanization not animalization. People critics that all troubles start from the hostel. Mischief-mongers make hostel their base of operation. If the hostel is run well, it will be a heaven on earth for the students.

It can develop qualities like emotional maturity, moral courage, broadmindedness, tolerance, cooperation, sympathy etc., which help towards the development of humanism.


Here they learn the art of social service and community living. The system of community dining, cooking and serving socializes the students living there. They develop the sense of belongingness and we-feeling.

By celebrating all festivals like national, international, social and cultural, the students develop national and international outlook. Thus the school hostel supplies right conditions for the development of the whole personality of the boarders.