186 Words Short Essay on Hostel Life


Hostel life has many advantages. A large number of students come from villages, towns and cities and they stay in a hostel. Students stay in hostels and they study also.

The students in the hostels are looked after by the warden. They do not have any worry. The senior students provide help to the junior students in the hostel. Mutual cooperation in studies and sports and games raises the standard of a boarder.

Students develop the qualities of self-help in a hostel. They do not get any help here from their parents or brothers and sisters. They have to depend upon themselves. They live by themselves. Arrangement of their food is made by the warden. The students have to pay for the food and stay in the hostel.


Both the rich and poor students live in hostels. The atmosphere is more disciplined in a hostel than it is at home. Students achieve their goal of education and discipline in a hostel. One should not waste one’s time and one should not mix up with the bad boys in a hostel. Hostel life has its own charm.

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