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Short essay on the School Hostel

Short essay on the School Hostel. The school is an institution within institutions. It has many institu­tions, but the hostel is an important institution, where the boarders develop many good qualities through its programme.

Free sample essay on Hostel Life vs. Home Life

Free sample essay on Hostel Life vs. Home Life. Home is a place of love and warm affection by the caretakers. It has the love of mother and affection of father. It has the equality of brothers and sisters and lap-cozey protection of the family.

Short essay on Life in the Hostel

A hostel is a shelter for the students who come from far off places. Students live there with each other and learn the value of discipline and co-operation. The atmosphere of a hostel is conducive to study.

390 Words Essay on Hostel Life

There are certain schools which admit only day-scholars but some both boarders and day-scholars. And some take in only boarders.

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