The superintendent should live in the quarters provided to him by the school. He should be responsible to the headmaster, while exercising his duty.

His Duties

(i) He should call the roll of the students at fixed times,

(ii) He should maintain a gate-book and check it regularly.


(iii) When there will be the pollution of atmosphere in the hostel for breaches of discipline, he should immediately intimate it to the headmaster.

(iv) He should supervise the study of the boarders during the prescribed study hour.

(v) He should check the accounts and supervise the dietary arrangements of the boarders.

(vi) He should take active part in games and sports organized by the students.


(vii) He should make the hostel activity centered and organize curricular and co-curricular activities.

(viii) He should look to the physical welfare of the students.

(ix) He should do other duties assigned by the headmaster from lime to time.

Education is a national investment in human material and recipients of [his investment should be the most talented. But poverty and social disabilities stand in the way of education. Students with poor parentage living in over-crowded homes cannot give the best account of themselves.


Similarly, inadequacy of hostel facilities which forces some students to seek accommodation in unauthorized lodgings proves detrimental to their educational development. It is therefore desirable to have adequate hostel facilities for the students. Day hostel may be built for students coming from crowded homes.