What is the Role of Research in Athletic Training and Goals?


1. Evaluative Research:

The research which is based on the goal to evaluate particular program, product, or method, usually in an applied setting, for the purpose of describing it, improving it, or estimating its effectiveness and worth.

2. Theoretical Research:


Research which is based on the goal to explain phenomena through the logical analysis and synthesis of theories, principles, and the results of other forms of research such as empirical studies.

3. Empirical Research:

Research which is to determine how education works by testing conclusions related to theories of communication, learning, performance, and technology.

4. Interpretive Research:


Research which is to interpret how education works by describing and interpreting phenomena related to human communication, learning, performance, and the use of technology.

5. Developmental Research:

Developmental research focuses on the invention and improvement of creative approaches to enhancing human communication, learning, and performance through the use of technology and theory.

6. Post Modern Research:


Post modern research examines the assumptions underlying applications of technology in human communication, learning, and performance with the ultimate goal of revealing hidden agendas and empowering disenfranchised minorities.

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