Short essay on Forestry Research and Training


The Forest Survey of India, established in 1981 with its headquarters at Dehradun, is busy in the mapping of the forest areas, preparing forest inventory, collecting data and organising courses for forestry education and training. Her latest technol­ogy of air photographs and remote sensing is being utilised in the survey, mapping and evaluation of forest resources of the country. At present the it has a capacity to inventory 35 lakh hectares annually and will shortly be able to prepare a national For Cover Map, every three years.

The Council for Forestry Research and Education has been set up to deal with various aspects forestry research and training. Nine research insti­tutes have been established in different geographic environs of the country for research in forestry and forest products and for imparting forestry education.

These include: (i) the Forest Research Institute at Dehra Dun, (ii) the Institute of Arid Zone Forestry Research at Jodhpur, (iii) the Institute of Wood Science and Technology at Bangalore, (iv) the Insti­tute of Rain and Moist Deciduous Forests at Jorhat, (v) the Institute of Forest Genetics and Tree Breed­ing at Coimbatore, (vi) the Institute of Social For­estry and Eco-rehabilitation at Allahabad, (vii) the Temperate Forest Research Centre at Shima, (viii) the Advanced Centre for Bio-technology and Man­grove Forests at Hyderabad, (ix) Tropical Forestry Research Institute, Jabalpur, (x) Institute of Forestry Research and Human Resource Development at Chhindwara, and (xi) Advance Centre for Bio-tech­nology and Mangrove Forests, Hyderabad.


In addition there are four forest colleges which impart training to officers at the superior level. These are : (i) the Indian Forest College (trains Indian Forest Service personnel); (ii) State Forest Service College, Burnihat, Assam; (iii) State Forest Service College, Coimbatore; and (iv) State Forest Service College, Dehra Dun. Also for training range forest officers five forest Rangers Colleges have been established, one each in Chandrapur (Maharashtra), Balaghat (Madhya Pradesh), Dehra Dun (Uttaranchal), Coimbatore (Tamil Nadu), and Kurseong (West Bengal). Besides, there are a number of universities and colleges where degree and di­ploma courses have been started in forestry.

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