Scope of Research

Research has great scope in the field of physical and health education. It measures the training and education potential and determines the characteristics of general public in terms of size, population, geography and interest in the field of physical and health education. It also covers the audience effect studies. Some of these scopes are summarized as follows:

1. Measurement of training and education potential.

2. Determination of general characteristics in terms of size population, geography and interest the field of physical and health education.


Research is a process of systematic investigation of a subject for the purpose of adding to the body of knowledge about that subject. It is carried out systematically and in planned stages. It is targeted to inform and intended to add to the body of knowledge. It has following stages:

1. Identifying the research problem

2. Reviewing the literature

3. Defining the methodology


4. Considering the access and ethics

5. Stating hypothesis

6. Data collection

7. Data analysis


8. Drawing conclusions.

Nature of Research

1. Scientific Method:

It should use the principles of science (like statistics) and should be based on logic.


2. Research Activities:

It is a research activity. Therefore, it should explore new ways to solve a problem.

3. Multiple Methods:

It must use different methods to solve a problem. Further, it should modify the method to suit that problem.


4. Interdependence of Models and Data:

The models of a problem are interrelated. Data sets are also interrelated; these ought to be so to make the research effort useful. The models of the problems guide us about the sets of information that are to be collected.