The State Council of Educational Research and Training


The State Council of Educational Research and Training comprises few advisory committees and a number of departments. There is a programmer Advisory Committee under the Chairmanship of the State Education Minister. There are also special advisory committees for programmes like Population education, Educational technology, ‘on-formal Education and so on.

The following are the constituent departments of SCERT:

1. Department of Pre-School and Elementary Education


2. Department of Non-formal Education

3. Department of Curriculum Research and special Curriculum Renewal Projects

4. Department of Science and Mathematics Education

5. Department of Population Education


6. Department of Teacher Education and In-service Education

7. Department of Educational Technology

8. Department of Research Coordination

9. Department of Educational Survey and Statistics


10. Department of Examination Reforms and Guidance

11. Department of Publication and Publicity

12. Department of School Management

13. Department of Work Education and Aesthetic Education


14. Department of Adult Education and Education for Weaker Sections.

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