Home Science trains the student for not only the role of homemaker but also as a member of other vocations such as catering, teaching, etc.

Home Science helps in the creation of a affectionate and systematic home environment for the inmates of the home.

It helps in the maximum utilization of resources in a family.

It helps in enhancing the artistic aspect of a home.


It extends helps for proper growth and development of children and their prevention from diseases.

It helps in bringing up of children to better citizens and also looking after aged persons and expectant and nursing mothers.

Home Science is a systematic and factual study of laws and principles as is done in other branches of Science. Its laws and principles are universally applicable.

Therefore, whatever is studied or taught, mist be reliable and should have clear objectives. It has universality of laws and principles. Its fundamentals need to be reliable and objective.


Home Science has wide scope and offers varied opportunities in careers. These careers are exciting, relevant and much in demand. You can successfully incorporate your personal talents with your Home Science knowledge and skills to have meaningful careers.

No matter what your strengths or interests be there will always be one or the another career in home science related field.

The detailed description of related career options is given below: